Corona measures

The Dutch government took additional measures to tackle the corona virus. Schools and nurseries close until Monday April 6. The same applies to restaurants and such, sports and fitness clubs. We realize that this raises many questions. This mailing provides answers to the most urgent questions.
We are easily available, so you can always call us or send us an email if you are in need of additional advice.


If you provide your data in time for the 2019 personal income tax return, we will make sure that your personal income tax return is submitted in time before May 1st, 2020. Please be so kind to send it by email via and a copy to You can also send your documents to us by regular mail.

Naturally, we have requested the Dutch Tax Office for a delay in submission for all our customers.


This time is also uncertain for you as an entrepreneur.

Have you considered the following measures?

1. Adjusting provisional assessment

If you see that your profit will decrease before 2020, you have a good reason to adjust your preliminary assessment so that you pay less tax.

Steps to take:

  • make a forecast for 2020 (if necessary with our help);
  • forward prognosis to Habermehl;
  • Habermehl will adjust your provisional assessment.

2. Request a short telephone delay


  • your total outstanding tax debt is less than € 20,000;
  • you have not yet received a writ of execution from the Dutch Tax Office for the outstanding tax debt;
  • the outstanding tax debt does not include an unpaid offense fine.

Steps to take:

  • contact the tax phone on 0800-0543 (free calls from the Netherlands) or contact Habermehl;
  • request for a short telephone delay;
  • apply for the NOW for your employees as soon as this is available.

3. Request for the NOW

Steps to take:

  • impact of corona virus on business operations;
  • apply for the NOW;
  • report permit to UWV;
  • apply for benefits at UWV;
  • or contact Habermehl to assist you with this application.

4. Apply for credit

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate guarantees loans to entrepreneurs through the BMKB, so that they can borrow money. Entrepreneurs can turn to lenders, such as banks. The government guarantee amounts to 90% of this guarantee credit.

Our advice: contact yourbank.

5. Dutch Chamber of Commerce

The Dutch Chamber of Commerce has appointed an advisory team and provides information via +31800 – 2117.

Good tips? Share them with us!

Do you have any good tips for other entrepreneurs? Please share them with us, so that we can assist each other in this difficult period of time.

Additional questions or in need of assistance?

For additional questions contact us at +31(35)-6285753 or by email. We are more than welcome to assist you in any way.

We wish everyone all the best in these uncertain times.

The Habermehl Team

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