Expat services

Tax returns and 30%-ruling for expats

When you come to the Netherlands as an expat, the Dutch Tax Administration obligates you to file a tax return. We offer these expat services for all kinds of tax returns.

Expat services

Tax returns

One of the expat services we provice is to help you out with the M-form (Migration form), the first tax return an expat will have to file. This is an extended tax return which you file in the year of immigration.

After the year of immigration you will have to file a tax declaration every year before the 1st of april. If you are not able to file before the 1st of April, we will file for an extension.

We provide assistance with all Dutch tax returns.

Please note that if you buy a house in The Netherlands, you might be eligible for mortgage interest deduction.

When you leave our beautiful country, you again have to file a M-form.


The 30%-ruling is a 30% discount on your wage tax. If you work in The Netherlands as an expat, you are confronted with additional costs such as housing, schooling and travel costs. To reimburse these expenses, your employer may grant you with a tax free amount of 30% of your  wage. It is not necessary that these costs indeed have been incurred.

You have to apply for this 30%-ruling together with your employer. We can assist you with the application.  In order to get this request granted, you have to meet certain conditions.

  • You must have lived more than 150 kilometres in a straight line from the Dutch border.
  • Your annual salary exceeds € 37.000,- or € 28.125 if you are under the age of 30 and have a masters degree.

Partial foreign taxpayer

If you apply for the 30%-ruling you can opt for the treatment as a partial non resident taxpayer. This means that you do not have to pay taxes over your savings and investments. You pay only tax over your Dutch real estate (not an own home) or Dutch enterprise but not over your worldwide savings account or stock accounts.

Expat services via Habermehl?

We can inform you regarding your personal situation and are more than happy to assist you with all matters concerning Dutch tax and regulations.

Just contact us by calling us via (035) 628 6753 or info@habermehl.tax. If you want us to contact you, please fill in the following form.

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