Payroll administration

Save time by outsourcing

Payroll administration

Payroll administration

Payroll administration has its own expertise, therefore it requires specific knowledge of Dutch tax laws and regulations and it is time consuming. Correct and on time wage payment is of great importance for your employee satisfaction. That is why many companies decide to outsource.

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Direct advice

Tailor made

Together we determine the best solution for your company; tailor made. From pay slip to social security contributions and from annual statement to travel allowance payment. Your relationship manager at Habermehl will know your companies wishes and will make sure that everything runs smoothly. The result: your employees are satisfied and you save time and money.


If you have employees working abroad (outside the Netherlands), or employees with several contracts or employees who are paid by means of a salary split, a foreign payroll administration in addition to your regular administration is often unavoidable. Companies with cross-border activities often also need an international payroll administration. Habermehl can handle the Dutch and foreign payroll administration for you.

Safely stored and always accessable

The storage and management of your payroll administration is done in a 100% secure online environment. You will get access by logging in to the environment, just like your employees will be able to login to their own online secure environment. Access is guaranteed at all times.


Below you will find a short list of clients who already decided to outsource.

Union Salsa Dance Company


Westbase Group

Why Habermehl?

  • Your wage processing meets current legislation and regulations.
  • Data security is guaranteed.
  • Your payroll administration is always done on time.
  • You save time and money, so that you can focus on your core activities.

Interested in outsourcing?

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