International clients

International clients

International tax advice and administration

Habermehl has over 20 years of experience in advising international clients, expats and foreign companies, on Dutch and International fiscal legislation and their compliance duties when living and working or doing business in the Netherlands.

Which services do we offer our international clients?

Our international clients can count on the following services.

  • Tax advice
  • Social security
  • Financial administration
  • Advice about setting up a business in The Netherlands
  • Legal structure
  • Tax returns and compliance
  • Expat services
  • Advice about tax treaties and conventions
  • M form
  • Requesting the 30% ruling

Tax advice

Our tax advisors are all member of the Dutch Association of Tax Lawyers. For our cliënts this is a guarantee that we offer quality, both on professional competence and social skills, such as a clear explanation of the complex matter.

Setting up a business

Habermehl can assist you with setting up your own business. We can assist you with setting up an administration and registering with the Chamber of Commerce and the Dutch tax authorities. We can advise you on a solid business structure and inform you on your compliance duties.

Tax returns

We process the following tax returns for our international clients.

International advisory expats

If you live and work in the Netherlands, you are liablie to Dutch income tax and, under circumstances, will be covered by Dutch social securities legislation. You will be requested to file a Dutch income tax return by the tax inspector. Under circumstances expats are eligible for the so called 30%-ruling. This is a favourable regime for expats who posess special knowledge and skills which are scarce in the Dutch employment market.


Habermehl has assisted many expatriates with their Dutch fiscal compliance duties. We understand that a foreign tax system can be challenging especially if there are so many other things to focus on such as housing, schooling for the children and work.

We take your compliance duties serious and guard filing deadlines closely.

Social securities

People living and working in the Netherlands are usually covered by Dutch social securities legislation. Should you become ill or unemployed, you will be able to claim benefits from the government. In the European Union, a person is covered by the legislation of the member state in which the employment is carried out. Dependant on your personal situation, it can be beneficial to be or stay covered by Dutch social securties legislation. We have experience with advising companies and expats what their possibilities are.

Tax treaties

A person living in the Netherlands is taxable on his worldwide income. If that person carries out employment outside of the Netherlands, that country will want to tax the employment remuneration as well. The Netherlands have concluded over 200 tax treaties with other countries to avoid double taxation. At Habermehl we have experience with international employment situations and are equipped to make sure that you can claim all the benefits of the tax treaties.


The 30% ruling is favourable tax ruling for expats working in the Netherlands. If the necessary requirements are met, the employer is allowed to grant a tax free allowance up to 30% of the remuneration subject to Dutch wage tax. This allowance is considered to be a compensation for extra territorial expenses an expatriate incurs when working in a foreign country. We can assist you with obtaining such a ruling.

International advisory legal entities

Companies with Dutch subsidiaries or employees working in the Netherlands can become subject to tax and/or  encounter Dutch fiscal compliance duties. With respect to employees in the Netherlands, payrolling has to be initiated and maintained.

We have experience with assisting companies to set up such payrolling and to be in full compliance with Dutch wage tax legislation.

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